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Njord Group

Njord Group is a group of companies with different technological focus, but with a common business philosophy: to provide the best technological solution and superior service to its distributors and end-users.

Founded in 2006, Njord Filtration is a flexible, innovative and rapidly growing company in the field of fluid treatment, specializing in fuel conditioning, filtration and optimization technologies: “Total Fuel System Management”. The headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Tilburg, the Netherlands with an extensive multi-national distribution network. Njord Filtration provides innovative high quality solutions, products and engineering services to customers worldwide.

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Njord Power is a sister company to Njord Filtration founded in 2017, specializing in reducing fuel consumption up to 10% to pay for the emission reduction systems (CO2, soot and NOx) we build and install in the exhaust of the same diesel engines. The pre-treatment systems are placed between the day tank and engine. This makes the diesel ultra-pure, reducing soot emissions 50% and saving 3-7% fuel. Two other techniques bring the total savings to 10% for ships. Njord post-treatment systems reduce soot and NOx emissions to comply with the Stage V regulations for ships and off-road equipment. CO2 and NOx reductions are stored in the cloud.

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Njord Solar is a sustainable energy engineering company that is focusing on generating and storing energy taking advantage of one of nature’s most powerful free resource: the energy produced by the sun. Njord Solar will help you quantify and reduce your energy cost and achieve a faster pay back to create a better and more sustainable world. Closely related new technologies as air conditioning, infrared heating, electric vehicle charging stations, battery storage and heat pumps are contemplated in the proposed solution.

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